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Featured Artist: Chuck Elliott

10th March - 30th March 2017

We welcome digital artist Chuck Elliott to the gallery in our first ever exhibition of digital art.


Painted Colour
Alfred Stockham ARCA RWA, Paul Wadsworth, Iryna Yermolova

7th April - 1st May 2017

Celebrating the structural diversity of colour and its varying potential for visual composition, we present three contrasting artists whose work indulges our sense of form, structure, materiality and movement. Presenting abstracted geometry of harmoniously balanced colour by the reputable Alfred Stockham ARCA RWA, powerfully bold and expressive Cornish landscapes by Paul Wadsworth and an exuberantly vibrant palette exploring feminine beauty by Iryna Yermolova.


Ian Fraser ARCA

5th May - 29th May 2017

Ian Fraser was a remarkable artist passionate about ecological sustainability and regeneration, almost prophetically aware that these issues would become spotlit and political in the 21st Century. His work, across mediums, consistently returns to these issues and a search for calm and tranquility in world that, in the 1970s and 80s, was becoming hectic and over industrialised.

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