Ruth Winding

Born in 1977 in Surrey, Ruth completed her formal studies in illustration at the University of the West of England before going on to study Scenic Painting for Theatre at the Old Vic Theatre School in Bristol. Ruth draws her inspiration from the colours and opulence of nineteenth century Chinoiserie, in particular the embroidered textiles and wallpapers. Her work is characterised by the presence of a gilded background surface onto which Ruth applies her paint. She says:

The beauty of a gilded surface is that it is alive with light and shadow even before any paint has been applied, and it is thus far more than just an ornate background, but a 'living and breathing' vital element of the picture, shifting in mood and brightness throughout the day."

Ruth works predominantly to commission and was interviewed by Artist and Illustrator in May 2012. She exhibits across the UK.

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Title: Birds by Dusk
Medium: oil on gold leaf on board
Size: 100 x 75cm