Mike Bernard RI

Retaining a semi-abstract, impressionistic feel; inviting the viewer’s imagination
[Mike Bernard]

Instantly recognisable, Bernard’s paintings are visually arresting with their sharp sense of energy and intensity of colour. Each mark speaks of his instinctive painterly process, while flecks of mixed media anchor his works firmly in the present.

Works such as ‘Looking Towards Salcombe’ are awash with colour, a tapestry of jewelled hues radiating out from the center of the piece. ‘Boat Yard Fowey’ displays the rich sky of a landscape’s brewing storm; golden light bathing a cluster of houses brightly perched against their brooding backdrop.

Training at the West Surrey College of Art and Design, Bernard went on to study with the Royal Academy Schools, and was elected a member of the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour in 1997. Widely respected, Bernard’s work has been displayed in such well-known exhibitions as the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and Mall Galleries. Attaining awards such as the Lanseer Prize, British Institute Prize and the Ranelagh Press Award RI, Bernard is one of the most highly respected landscape painters in the country.

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